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What Happens When You Do Not Provide Proper Lawn Care

Do you own a lawn? If you do, then you know how frustrating it is to maintain. It is vital to keep your lawn in a healthy state. This is because poor lawn care can lead to plant death or decay.

Landscaping CompanyHere are some reasons you should keep a healthy lawn:

Brown Patches – When grass is not tended to, they will wilt. A dead grass will leave your lawn with brown patches that are unappealing.

Floods – Are you sick and tired of having to walk over puddles of water? Keep your grass and plants healthy so you have a natural way of preventing floods.

Decay – A decaying tree and dead plants attract pathogens and contaminants. Getting a dead lawn exposes you to different health risks.

The Landscaping Company in Upper Marlboro, MD is Hernandez & Daughters Landscaping Inc

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